MCC and POCC — Hidden Heroes

The people who don’t get much credit is the Mission Control Center and and the people behind the astronauts. They are responsible for keeping contact with the astronauts, they help prepare them for any situation that may arise on their trip, etc. But surprising enough, the Mission Control Center is not the only other people support the astronauts from the ground. “Mission Control is the visible part, but it’s less than 1 percent of the support team. We’re just the tip of the iceberg.” (NASA & Canright, 2009). The Payload Operations Control Center provides support and control to the science activities while the Mission Control Center provides infrastructure support in order for these scientific activities to occur. Those who work in these departments are probably not as recognized or credit for their work and contribution as much as the actual astronauts on the shuttle.

NASA, & Canright, S. (2009). NASA — The People Behind the Astronauts. NASA.


Fall 2020 LB 492-011

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