ADD/ADHD diagnosis and treatment (public education)

Kandice Ollis
1 min readSep 30, 2020

Children with ADD/ ADHD have an attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder which causes them to have symptoms such as the inability to pay attention, difficulty sitting still and difficulty controlling impulse which can all make it difficult for these children to get proper education if not placed in private schools. Many students with ADD/ADHD in public schools are not getting the correct education because some parents aren’t aware that their child is eligible for specific education services. These services include reduced length of homework assignments, extra time on tests, simplified instruction about assignments, provided specific assistance with planning and organizational skills,teacher using behavioral management techniques in class, use of tape recorders and computer-aided instructions (Dan Connaghan :, 2006). All these measures are taken to increase student learning and reduce distractions.

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